The is designed to communicate the new ambition and intentions for Basketball across Britain and provide a measured and engaging process for anyone interested in the game or wishing to support it. This is a key moment for this great sport, so please be part of it to help us determine the game's direction, future and impact on the nation.

Our Mission



The scope of the new Basketball strategy is from grass roots participation to creating the best teams in our Home Nations and for Great Britain representation. We want more people to play, volunteer, support and be part of it. We have the ambition to attract significant investment across the sport and compete better to succeed at the highest level.


TO DRIVE THIS FORWARD & BE ACCOUNTABLE is facilitated by Basketball England on behalf of the Basketball Home Nations (England, Scotland and Wales) which have agreed to work together to form a unified voice for the game and formal joint governance arrangements at the elite level. This is now sanctioned as the British Basketball Federation. This ensures compliance with FIBA (the world Governing body for Basketball) rules to compete in international competition as Great Britain and importantly as individual nations for the Commonwealth Games and other designated tournaments.

But, it's much more than just elite. We will also work together on building a strategy for the whole of the game and implement change for the better in each respective nation and support for a better future.


TO COLLABORATE - Join the Conversation

We are keen to bring the Basketball community and delivery partners together with a collaborative and inclusive approach (which seeks to make sure that the total is greater than the sum of the parts). Delivery partners should share their vision for the sport and know how they contribute to the ‘big picture’ of Basketball in Britain.

The is a simple engagement website and will provide information and discussion points as we undertake the new strategic development for Basketball across Britain. It's also designed to encourage feedback and get the nations' views on the future of the game, whether you are in the game or would like to get involved. It will be a better game if we consider the views of many together. This will ensure we do the right things to govern and grow the sport long term.


What Next?

Information about how this works in governance and implementation terms will be explained more in the coming months. If you are as excited as we are, then get involved and influence the future of Basketball by signing up. We can then engage you in numerous ways over the coming weeks and months. Hear what our leaders are saying right now…


Our Leaders